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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

hard winter results

Good morning.
Another beautiful day yesterday, as the early morning rain left, and didn't return until late evening. We had 3 nice days off.  :-)
I got the 2 large flower beds weeded, (it helps they are about 1/3 the size they were) and bagged up 2 large trash bags of stuff from the garage. Mostly spare plumbing parts and electrical parts. Stuff I've saved in case I might someday need them. Well, time to get rid of all that stuff as we try to downsize for our eventual move.
And here's what the long hard winter has done to my yard......
A barely blooming Azalea that's usually full of flowers.
My appears to be half dead Contorted Filbert.
My now, half of a weeping Japanese Maple, thanks to a large branch that came out of the big Chinese Elm tree.
And another Japanese Maple that is pretty much dead but trying to re-leaf down near the bottom.
And there's more, but that gives you an idea. I've had many customers with similar issues. It was a long hard winter that hasn't been seen in decades.
But, mother nature has a way of healing wounds over time.
Oh, and my physical went well. As usual, my Cholesterol is a little high as is my bad Cholesterol. I got the same lecture about diet and exercise. yada yada yada.
Now back to work for a short busy week.

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