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Monday, May 19, 2014

finally, a post. :-)

Good morning.
Well, it's been a while.  :-\
It rained pretty much every day last week. A total of nearly 3 inches when all done.
My grass seed is germinating, but very sparsely. I think all the rain might have washed some of it away. Will wait a week or so before reseeding to make sure.
It ended up a very busy week in the Salon. Worked late Friday and Saturday. Sunday, I cleaned the Salon and worked outside. It was a beautiful day after a very cold weekend.. Got the back decks half scrapped and half stained. Plan on doing the rest today. Craig cleaned out and filled the 5 bird baths that are around the yard.
Checked the tire pressure in the mo-ho tires and checked the water heater. All systems are go for our first trip coming up pretty soon.
This morning, I blew all the debris off the driveway so I can seal cracks later today. I also washed 2 of the cars and the front and one side of the mo-ho.
Now your all caught up, and time for me to go. I have a physical this morning.

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  1. I expect the physical went well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!