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Monday, August 04, 2014

another project

Good morning.
While I worked late Saturday, Craig came home to mow.
When I got home, the front yard was done, but not the back. Craig was a sweaty mess. 
Apparently, when he started to mow, a horrible noise came from the deck of the mower, so he shut it off and did the front yard with the push mower. I fixed us drinks and we relaxed on the deck. I mowed part of the back yard with the push mower while he prepped dinner. We made a tasty taco salad.
Sunday, after I cleaned the Salon and we went for our walk, I tackled the riding mower to find what went wrong. I found this.......
A bent pulley and a destroyed spindle.
The spindle connects to the blade and goes through the deck and attaches to the pulley which is spun by the belt attached to the motor turning the blades. Whew! That was a mouth full!
The seals on the spindle for the bearings failed causing the spindle to wobble and the pulley to jam against the pulley shield bending it.
Sooo, I went online to upstate outdoor power equipment. 
They carry parts for just about any mower ever built including my 17 year old MTD mower. I ordered a new pulley and spindle.
So when the parts arrive, I'll try and put it all back together again.   :-)
I then finished mowing the rest of the back yard with the push mower and did some trimming.
I hope the parts come soon. I have a big yard to mow.   :-)

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