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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

another weekend over.

Good morning.
It was a nice weekend, although I didn't get much done.  :-)
I did place an online order for work supplies, and I also bought some new trimmers.
A Forfex Babyliss cordless. We use these smaller trimmers for cleaning the neckline and around the ears. Also for tapering the edges.
I've also reorganized the kitchen, getting rid of odd pans and such we hardly ever use.
I'm trying to get the kitchen looking very clean and as spacious as possible. That being said, I've been taking everything off the counter and storing it out of sight.
First off, was the coffee maker. We use it a lot, so that would be a good test to see if we could live like that. And, it was just fine. Really no hassle at all getting it out and then putting it away. I think it helps making sure the storage spot is easily accessible. So after living with that for a few weeks, I worked on the rest. I removed the toaster over, the toaster, hot plates, utensil caddy and the spoon rest.

Now nothing on the counter and I like it!
Now, I can't wait for my spring yard sale to get rid of all the stuff I've got piling up in the one bedroom and garage. I'm really liking this downsizing.
Now, I'm off to work. It snowed yesterday, so I'm sure I'll need to damp mop before my first customer at 8:30.


  1. We're supposed to get rain tomorrow and freeze Friday night, but I don't think anything other than that.
    Have a good week. It'll be February before you know it!

  2. Looks good! Looks spacious!