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Monday, April 13, 2015

a positive review

Good afternoon.
It's was a busy day yesterday, as I spent pretty much all of it in the yard.
I raked out more flower beds, trimmed bushes, and edged the driveway. I also changed the tires on Kia from snow tires to summer tires with Craig's help. We even had cocktails on the deck for the first time this year!
 Today with rain, I stayed indoors. I had planned to paint, but never quite got to it.
I tried to order the security door for Vegas, but the guy I need to talk to isn't in until 3pm. So that will be a little later. I did go online to Tracfone to add minutes to my phone, as my service expires on May 17th.
I ordered the one year card for $99.99. When I put in my payment, and clicked on the button, it sat and spun a while. Then I got the same page back with an error. So I didn't know if the payment went through or not. And I received no confirmation. I checked my charge card online and it had a pending payment to Tracfone, so I called to get it straightened out. After way to much time holding, I did finally get someone and did get everything straightened out.  :-)
Oh, and I'll sing praises for my Tracfone!
Last year, Tracfone finally added some smart phones to their offerings and I bought the LG Optimus Dynamic.

Now, it's an older smart phone with a 3.8 inch screen, but for the price, you can not get a smart phone for so little money a month!
I get one year of service for just a total of $106.00  That's just around $9 a month! Can any of you get a smart phone for any where near that? I didn't think so.
Now of course, there is one little catch..........
You get just 1200 minutes talk, 1200 text and 1200 data. So if you use it a lot, it's not a good deal. But you can add another 4500 minutes of each  for just $199.00. That would still be less that $30 a month. I use mine a fair amount and never come close to using up my minutes. I now have over 6700 data, 7200 talk, and 7400 text. They keep rolling over if you don't use them.  :-)
And no, I'm not doing a paid advertisement for Tracfone. I just can't see spending any more than you need to.
And....Tracfone just added a few newer phones to their website. One has a 5 inch screen! But I'm going to wait until the price comes down some. My phone really is large enough, I don't have to have a newer phone,  but isn't bigger better?   :-)
And while I'm on a review mode, I also ordered more checks for Craig. He use to get them from his credit union, until they started getting so expensive. Now, he orders his checks for personal and business from Walmart.  With shipping and tax....$10.29. A third of what the credit union charged.   :-)
So, no work on the house or outside, but a lot online.
Tomorrow should be sunny and warm,  and it'll be back outside. I have a ton of stuff to do!

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  1. We had thunderstorms this morning. Rained most of the day. I have to admit, I liked my tracfone when I had one; and two of our boys have them, too. No problems so far at all.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! We have a 50% chance of rain through Sunday.