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Sunday, April 12, 2015

we're going with d.

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon, and took a few pics.....
It's finally spring!    :-)

Saturday, after work, it was so nice out, we went for a walk. It feels good to be outside again.
I want to thank everyone for their comments on our possible new security door. And to reply to a couple of comments.....
 Mark said...." I think if they are painted a nice dark brown would make any of your choices look better. Having the door match the house make them look bland."
I agree Mark, but you are right, the HOA dictates what choices you have when putting on a security door.
I can match either the door itself, the siding color, trim color, or almond or white. Since the trim on our house is white, we decided to go with that. We may have it painted to match the door eventually.
Gene said....."Maybe you could paint it orange and gold since it is the sun."
I actually like that idea, and may submit it to the Architectural Review Committee. They are the committee that can approve deviations from the master plan.
That said, we are going with d. That's the one Craig really likes, and we want to keep Craig happy, right?   :-)
 And today is forecast for 66, so after our coffee, Sunday paper, and our walk, I plan on working in the yard. Indoor painting and such will now wait for rainy days........which we tend to have a lot in the spring.


  1. Yes, you must keep Craig happy! Lol. Spring, I hope is finally here. We are supposed to get warm today with sunshine all day. Are you going to hold your plant sale this year like you used to?

  2. Glad you decided on a door. Congratulations!
    Enjoy your weekend.