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Thursday, April 09, 2015

back at square one

Good morning.
Well Tuesday was another very busy day, as I finished the bedroom/office, and moved on to the laundry room. I still have the blinds to clean and will do that this upcoming weekend. Craig keeps saying he'll paint all the louvered doors, but I have yet to see him start. I may have to end up doing them myself.
And after all we went through picking out a security/storm door, getting it approved and paying Lowe's to send someone out to measure, we now find it won't fit.  :-/     So we're back to square one.
 This is what the front door looks like right now....
 A security door would make it a lot more difficult to break in.  Not that we really probably need it, since it is a very safe neighborhood. But since we are not there most of the time, Craig would feel better if the house was a bit more secure.
Sooo, the only options we have being 2000 miles away, is stock security doors. The ones I didn't like much to begin with. But it's not like we couldn't change that when we move out there. So for now, here's the few we liked better than the rest....

Let's call them from top left to bottom right, a,b,c,d.

 Besides the steel bars, the have a metal perforated  screen behind that allows you to see out, but they can't see in.
Out of these four, I like a, and Craig likes d. Our neighbors across the street have c.
This what security doors look like an a couple of homes in our community...
I couldn't find a current listing of homes with all the choices I have picked out above, but you can see, they don't look too bad.
So please  let me know what you think.
Now I've got to get to work. I have a full day today.


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    You asked. :-) I like "b".
    Good luck to you both.


  2. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I agree with Craig (d)


  3. Anonymous10:56 PM

    I lean towards 'b' but 'c' and 'd' are OK, I don't like 'a'. I think if they are painted a nice dark brown would make any of your choices look better. Having the door match the house make them look bland. It may be there is a rule against it but I wanted to make that point.

    Good luck,

  4. D. Maybe you could paint it as orange and gold since it is the sun.