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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

busy couple of days.

Good morning.
It's been a busy couple of days.
On Sunday, I spent the day working on the spare bedroom/office. Pulled everything to one side, patched, sanded and painted. Being a small room, and wanting it to look as spacious as possible, I cleaned out my dresser, hanging pants, jeans, and t-shirts in the closet. My socks and undies and shorts will go in a couple of boxes I'll set by a wall on the floor. The dresser and night stand went out into the garage with the yard sale stuff. I also took the treadmill out to the garage. I only use it in the winter, and not as much as I should, so might as well get rid of that too.
After the paint was dry, I re-organized that side of the room. Then I pulled all the stuff from the other side of the room, and patched walls, and painted the baseboards and trimmed the window. I hope to finish that side up today.
Monday, after our usual running, the repair man came to look at the stove. Unfortunately, the main board was burnt and needs to be replaced. And of course, it has to be ordered. And of course, it $376.00. So that's another week without the oven. Fortunately, he got it so we could use the stove top burners.
And with Monday the nicest day of the weekend, I spent the rest of it outside. I cut down the ornamental grasses and the rest of the garden perennials. I also trimmed back some summer flowering bushes, and raked out leaves and pine needles from the house. It was a very productive day and I was exhausted come evening. I slept very well last night.  :-)
Got an e-mail from Delta about another schedule change on one of our future flights to Vegas. But this time it worked out much better for us. We were scheduled to fly out of Lansing at 8:15 to Detroit with nearly a 3 hr layover, and from there a 12:00 flight to Vegas arriving at 1:34.
They changed the Lansing flight to 7am. That gave us a nearly 4 hr layover. I checked online and saw we could get an earlier flight out of Detroit, but that gave us only a 34 minute layover. Another choice could be a 7:15 out of Lansing to Minneapolis with a 1 hr layover and arriving in Vegas at 10:26. That would get us to Vegas 3 hrs earlier than originally scheduled. So I called. Craig said they wouldn't let us change to Minneapolis, but I said there's no harm in asking. Which I did very nicely. And happily, they switched us!
I prefer Lansing to Minneapolis to Vegas because over all, it's about an hour shorter. But when I try to book that trip ahead of time, it's always more expensive. But I'm discovering, that if they change my schedule, they seem much more flexible at accommodating me with a revised one.  :-)
Well, after a beautiful mild 62 day yesterday, today is forecast at 48 and rain.
A good day to do more painting!
And for dinner today, it's Crock-pot pork chops !

1 comment:

  1. That's great on the flight change. I'd rather almost anywhere other than Detroit, too.
    I think I might have balked at $376 to repair the oven. But you are only going to be there a couple more years; so not sure if a cheap new replacement might have been better.
    Our weather has been all over the place, too. It rained all day Easter Sunday and we still have mud in some places.
    Have a good week!