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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

are we being stalked?

Good morning.
Well, as expected, Monday and Tues. were wet, cold and windy. Good days to stay inside. So, I did more painting, getting all the walls in the living room done. I also cleaned the last 3 window blinds. Now I've just got the ceiling to do sometime.
The oven repairman arrived early Monday and got the stove working again. And we received the checks in the mail from Walmart. From order to delivery in just 7 days! And you can't beat the price!
We've also noticed a car suspiciously parked across the street.

It's actually in a parking lot, but that section of the lot is almost never used. And we've been seeing this car for a few weeks now. He shows up 3 times a day, same time each day, and parks in the same spot and just sits there in his car. He arrives early morning around 7am. and is there about an hour. Then again around 10am, and again around 2pm. Now if we were really being stalked, I don't think he would be so obvious.  :-)
He's a little white haired man. We actually passed him on the road coming home yesterday morning  from the store. I can't imagine what  he's doing or why. But it's become a little joke with us. Craig will be doing book work or reading and I'll say...."he's back." At 7am, I can see he's reading a paper. I can't tell what he's doing the other times. I'd like to go over there and ask what he's doing but it's really none of my business, other than I'm curious.  He'll probably stop coming at some point and it will be just another unexplained  situation.
But now, time to get ready for another work week. Looking really busy.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Go out with your camera and take his photo (or act like you are). I bet he'll park somewhere else.


  2. Taking a photo is a good idea. Just in case. Little old men with white hair could be dangerous. Does he read the paper every time? Does he ever meet anyone? You may need a game camera that can photograph the parking lot inconspicuously.

    Perhaps he lived in the house before you did; but I realize that may not be correct.

    I met a lady who actually grew up in this house before hubby did. But she pulled into the driveway, and I walked out, met her and talked with her for a bit.

    Have a safe, great work week!

  3. Is he glomming on to your wifi? Or somebody elses? I suppose if he's reading an actual paper... then he's probably not. ;)