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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

busy weekend

Good morning.
It was a pretty nice weekend. Walked every day.
Did some more downsizing and packing.
This is my current 'desk'. I got rid of my old crappy desk I'm not taking to Vegas and now am using boxes that I've packed. Working out pretty good. I balanced the keyboard between 2 boxes so I even have some room for my knees.   :-)
I also did a back-up on my puter. Just in case the tower doesn't travel well, I'll have everything I need.
I also have the TV on a box as the old TV stand to the right is not going to Vegas either. One of the stylist at work wants it. And I've already sold the TV too! but she said I could use it until I'm ready to leave.
Craig closed another bank account as we continue to move all our accounts over to Chase.  My physical went well, and I got one last prescription for my blood pressure medication. I should be good for just over 6 months so I'll have time to find a new doctor.
So, the process is continuing, as we have less than 30 days until departure.
Now time to get ready for work. This week is looking a little slow. But just 12 more days to work.  :-)


  1. We have done that with boxes soo many times. Even after we empty them, until we find their replacement.

  2. Wow... it's coming up fast!