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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A catchup post

Good morning.
The heat continues, but so does the sunshine.   :-)
I've been walking every morning, and we've been going to the fitness center nearly every afternoon.
Here's a not so great pic of a full moon I took a couple of days ago on my early morning walk.
And yesterday, when I went to put out the trash, this Road Runner was at the end of my driveway.
But by the time I got my phone out and camera on it was already half way across the street.
Craig had his last PT appointment Monday. His finger is doing very well. He still has a lot of scar tissue that the therapist said would take up to a year to get better. But it's now straight, and he has good flexibility with it.
And even though the neighborhood has been very quiet with so many neighbors gone, I've been busy helping. One neighbor I've been getting their mail while they are in Alaska. They'll be home this Friday. Another neighbor I was watering their pots while they spent a week in Flagstaff. Another neighbor I've been going in once a month to run their water down drains and flush the toilets while they are gone all summer.
Also, we actually had some rain yesterday. Mid July through August, I believe, is our monsoonal period. We can get these sudden heavy downpours. Yesterdays only last a couple of minutes.
Well that's about it. I'm taking another bag of 2 liter bottles to the Farm this morning after I do my walk. So time to get.

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