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Sunday, July 02, 2017

a nice walk.

Good morning.
Just got back from my morning walk. Took a few pics.....
The orange flowered bush is a Bird of Paradise. I have one in my back yard, but it's pretty small right now. This one is planted next to a 'Casita'. A casita is basically a detached tiny home in front of the regular house. It has no kitchen, but does have a full bath, closet and living space. There are many in our community. It's nice for guests as they have their own place to retire to after visiting. I've also heard that there are a number of adult children that also live in them with their parents in the main house.

It was very pleasant out this morning with temps at 81 and 1% humidity.
I've been making numerous 'dates' for when we go back to Michigan. I've gotten a number of calls and e-mails. Our schedule is filling up. But it will be nice to see everyone. I've been writing everything down so I can keep track of who we're meeting, when and where.
Not doing anything special for the 4th. I've read that the strip hotels will be at 95% capacity. That is a lot of people!
Well everyone have a great 4th!

1 comment:

  1. Hope you had a good 4th!
    That is what I have to do now. If I want to remember anything, I write it down.
    And then hope I don't forget the list!